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If you are facing military criminal charges, courts martial, or administrative sanctions, you need the assistance of an experienced and well-respected military lawyer who is familiar with all aspects of military law and the military justice system.

Donald G. Rehkopf, Jr., with the law firm of Brenna Boyce in Rochester, New York, handles all aspects of Military Law Offenses, Criminal Defense, professional licensing issues, appeals and post-conviction matters.

Military law consists of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and other statutory provisions for the government of persons in the Armed Forces to which may be added the unwritten common law of the usage and custom of military service as well as regulations and authorized by the President as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. It is a part of our body of law as a whole, and is fully recognized by civil courts; it is in force in times of peace as well as in times of war. All persons serving in the Armed Forces of the United States are subject to military law at all times.

When you are faced with adverse action being taken against you by the military or federal government, you need to have competent legal representation by an experienced military trial attorney who will aggressively defend your rights. If you have been charged with a crime and are facing a Courts-Martial, or an Administrative Separation Action, you need a military lawyer who is familiar with the military justice system.

Military Charges are very serious with potentially lifelong consequences, and it is critical that anyone facing such charges employ an experienced military justice attorney for his or her defense in order to protect their rights.